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Artistic Explosion!!

Shibori double pleated scarf

These are just a couple of the new art scarf styles that I have been designing. The lilac scarf has been double pleated, that is, it has knife pleats and then arashi pole wrapped pleating. It was a real surprise to take it off the pole and see that it actually looks like it was painted lilac and painted white. A beautifully draped scarf like this will make a fine finishing touch to any outfit!

Shibori close up view 2
Shibori close up view 1

This scarf is copperish on golden yellow, with what look like little rain drop shapes on portions of it. Generous width and nice length add a feel of luxuriousness to the wearer. I think some beads on the tips of this scarf would look lovely don't you? I have started adding beads as a wonderful finishing for certain styles.

Shibori with a twist
Shibori mystery scarf
Shibori mystery close up view

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