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Double Pleated Ochiri Collars?

draping the scarf

Well, I cannot believe it is October 2014 already! The leaves on my huge maple tree are falling all over the ground and some are finding their way into my studio... I continue my work in all the free time I have, and have continued to experiment with the double pleated looks that I find so facinating. The following piece was 2' 12" in length by about 7" in width at the start, and double pleated it is only 31" long by about 3" wide. I am seeing a pattern developing where the piece shrinks to about a third of what it starts out to be. The piece in this episode is beautiful, yet small, too small to be called a scarf. But, if I finish it on one edge and tie it, it will make a great collar piece or two!! Or, it could be left alone as a small scarf. See what you think:

it would make a nice collar
more draping of the scarf

beautiful fluid flame shapes

Looking at these pictures, I realize that it is difficult to see that it is an intense blue that has been hand painted with purple dye on the tips and then sent for a long dip into an olive green dye bath, wherein the purple has faded into the dyebath and become very subtle. I am having a love affair with olive green in all its various shades. The little ochiri shapes almost look like little flames, very beautiful, yes?

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