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New Year 2015

Knife pleating to be sewn

So it's a New Year, 2015 now, and a happy new year for many friends so far! I spent the last 3 hours or more of 2014 knife pleating a new scarf that is still in process.

I want to get this up and posted today. I think I can safely make a case for using long poles rather than short ones, because I find that I can get more traction with them when the poles are longer. Another thing I have come to appreciate is that I do not have to have uniform lines and twists in my work. It is much more interesting when the patterns as well as the colors contain variants.

knife pleating pinned
knife pleating basted

golden arashi pole wrapped
double pleated pole close up view

This scarf has been base dyed a light golden bronze, and will be discharged and then overdyed in a pimento like color that I fell in love with when I mixed bright yellow with fushcia!

It gives a rich full bodied color that is exciting to look at. I use procion MX dyes, and acid dyes, and am becoming quite fond of the acid dyes.

Each type of dye uses different auxilleries to level the color, for vivid color, for better penetration and absorbtion of the dye bath, and to bond or "fix" the color onto the cloth.

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