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It's Own Special Box

shibori presentation box display

It was the fifth of April, and I was at my daughter Francesca's house for Easter brunch. My other daughter Catherine and I were doing an editing session on this site. It certainly does take some time, energy, and effort to keep reflecting on and refining the site after it is open! Catherine was working on the social media aspect of the site by connecting the icons, creating new pages to link to, and editing content, and I had decided it was more effecient, just about as economical, and much better protection in shipping to offer every item in it's own special box instead of offering silk pouches for untextured scarves, so I was editing the site to reflect that. That way I can also manage my time where it is most valuable and useful and creative, in actually designing the artwear. Our intention is to offer you some of the finest shibori artwear that is out there, and bring it to you in an appealingly delicious way!So, to further this thought, I am writing today to show you these sample pictures of some of the special boxes that our shibori scarves and artwear may actually arrive in upon opening up a purchase from our store!

beautiful shibori box
beautiful shibori scarf box

Recently I found these presentation boxes which are delightful in that they have ribbon ties already attached, and a window on top of the box so you can safely view or show the contents while it stays in the box undisterbed!! The only thing left to do is create a transparent Shibori Vortex label to put on it in just the right spot. I knew I would think of the next do list item.

new ivory box needs label!

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