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Easter Sunday Orange Mystery Scarf

Orange Mystery shibori pretzel

This is actually a take off on the previous post. Catherine and I had been editing on on Easter in the afternoon, and had each returned to our homes after having a delightful brunch with Francesca. (See previous post)

Well, late, late in the evening I decided to tackle some more editing, and as I was working on it I noticed that the inventory on the Orange Mystery Scarf said "0". My first thought, (I am giggling now) was that it must be a mistake that I should fix by editing the inventory. Then it dawned on me that it was not the kind of mistake either of us would have made, and a sale might have, no, must have occurred! I checked my email for confirmation, and it was there!

I just cannot tell you how electrifying and fantastic it feels to make this first online sale from the virtual store that I have put so much of my heart and soul into creating these past few weeks! Thank you, and I know this new scarf will be enjoyed for many years to come!

I have waited to write this blog piece until the scarf has reached it's destination so as not to spoil the surprise of the package. The following pictures are a salute to the Orange Mystery Scarf and the wonderful box I sent it out in.

Orange Mystery shibori scarf

Shibori special box
Shibori scarf and it's box

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