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Pocket Artwear For Men Only?

Arashi shibori kerchief in men's suit pocket

This silver gray pocket artwear can be worn by men in a number of attractive ways. It can be worn in the pocket of a casual shirt to be playful or dress it up a bit. It also looks great in a suit pocket for a wedding or other very special occasion.

As the light plays upon the arashi shibori chevron pleating, the color seems to shimmer and shift. Let me show you what I mean in the photographs...

Arashi shibori pocket artwear
A gift for him

The same kerchief can be worn by women as well. Here are some great feminine looks with the same piece worn as a fabric broach, or it can be tucked into the pocket of a silk button down shirt.

A shibori broach for her
Shibori broach close up

A gift for her

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