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Lemon Lime Infinity

Lemon Lime Infinity

This lime and lemon shibori pleated scarf has been twisted into a celtic pretzel shape and is sure to grab some attention with its vivid color and pattern. It is a narrow yet versatile scarf, actually the same size as the mango papaya scarves, without the bulk of the wider scarves as the texture has been left in! It can be worn as an infinity scarf by tying the pointed ends together, or as a regular narrow scarf for a bit of a color pop. 
Finished size is 3" x 65" (Untexturized size is 10" x 65")

Designed from 100% silk habotai 5mm fabric.
Cleaning: Dry clean only. Do not iron. Keep dry to maintain pleating integrity.
Care: Loosely twist and coil into included decorative box.

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